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Crochet Doilies-Revival?

I’ve been listing a few Crochet Doily Patterns

Vintage Crochet Doily

Vintage Crochet Doily Pattern

lately. The first thing that comes to mind when looking at these old patterns are our grandmother’s homes, which were filled with these decorative gems everywhere. Many of us associate them with old fashioned charm, but don’t see them as relevant for today’s crochet. However, what’s old becomes new again. I believe that we’re about to see a revival of the old patterns, repurposed for new uses. The same basic designs can be made into a fashion bag, or worked into a vest or sweater. So put on your thinking cap and look at these patterns in a new way.

The old crochet doily patterns are made in one of three ways:

  • Filet crochet Filet crochet is worked in panels. Panels can be joined together to make up your garment or bag project.
  • Crocheted Doily Pattern in rounds To make doilies in rounds doesn’t mean that all of them have to have a round shape. Using crocheting in rounds technique you can make doilies of different geometrical shapes: round, rectangular, square, triangle, ans etc. These can be joined to make larger items.
  • Crochet a Doily from motifs. There are no any restrictions for your creativity when you use patterns of doilies of motifs. Zillions of shapes, techniques, ways to connect motifs together, possibility to combine different materials allow you to create unique art work. Just don’t be afraid to experiment.

Inspiration for this post is due to Smart Knit Crocheting. Feel free to visit this site for more inspiration.


Prayer Shawls

No, they’re not shawls for praying…(although you could use one that way). They are shawls that are given to those in need of comfort. The maker (knit or crochet) prayed for the recipient while making the shawl and many shawls are blessed in a church ceremony before being given away. Every time it is worn, the recipient is reminded that they are not alone and that others care deeply for them as God cares for them.

Groups of knitters and crocheters have sprung up all around the country to create prayer shawls as a ministry of love and caring. There are a number of books and a website that give the history of the movement and patterns. But there are free patterns online at Lion Brand Yarn and many churches list their favorite patterns online.

A New Shopping Experience-Not for me…

For You!

Last night I had fun shopping on Amazon.com. Not for me, for you. I created a focused shopping experience for lovers of vintage buttons, fabric and patterns. I hand selected reference books on collecting, books on how to craft with vintage materials, and you won’t believe this. I even found some listings of actual vintage fabric and vintage patterns. Who knew there would be listings of these items! And I topped it off with a selection of DVDs and VHS tapes on sewing.  Bookmark this site for sure.